IQ Initiatives & Collaborations

IQ Consortium initiatives address critical, timely issues in drug development and advance science-based and scientifically-driven standards and regulations for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products worldwide. The Consortium has a variety of ongoing activities, both within the Consortium and in collaboration with other organizations.

Initiatives within IQ

While the IQ Board of Directors provides stratgic oversight for the Consortium's portfolio, the majority of Consortium activities are managed by Leadership Groups and Working Groups and are often multidisciplinary. Information about individual Leadership Groups and Working Groups can be accessed via the Initiatives menu.

Participation in IQ initiatives is open to individuals from IQ member companies. If you work at a member company and are interested in learning more about participation, please contact the IQ Secretariat. Periodically, external experts such as academic researchers and regulatory authorities are also invited to participate in Working Groups.


The IQ Consortium welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and individuals outside of IQ member companies. Scientists from the academic community as well as regulatory scientists sit on a select number of Consortium Working Groups, to which they are able to contribute specific expertise.

In the interest of sharing its knowledge and gaining additional perspective, IQ also interacts with other industry organizations and professional associations. The Allotrope Foundation, an independent organization launched under the auspices of IQ in 2012, is among these. The Foundation's goal is to build an open source information Framework for the analytical laboratory.