Green Chemistry Working Group

The benefits of green chemistry are clearly acknowledged by the experts in the field but may not be well understood by individuals outside of the field. The goal of the Green Chemistry WG is to stimulate communication & discussion with regulatory agencies on Green Chemistry and to identify opportunities to publicize the use of green processes and technologies to a broader public.

The Green Chemistry WG seeks to drive innovation and the awareness of green chemistry in pharmaceutical development through the establishment and adoption of best practices, sharing of information within peer networks, and collaboration with regulatory agencies and other key stakeholders.

Green Aspiration Level

Project Lead: Frank Roschangar,

Collaborators: David Leahy, Ingrid Mergelsberg, John Tucker, Michael Kopach, Chris Senanayake, Juan Colberg, Fabrice Gallou, Stefan Koenig, Peter J. Dunn, John D. Hayler, Roger A. Sheldon

Status: Completed