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IQ Webinar: Leveraging patient-centric sampling for clinical drug development & DCTs

IQ Webinar: Leveraging patient-centric sampling for clinical drug development & DCTs

March 23, 2023


Location: Virtual

Venue: GoToWebinar

Leveraging patient-centric sampling for clinical drug development and decentralized clinical trials: Promise to reality

Speakers: Melanie Anderson (Merck (MSD)) & Pararg Kumar (Gilead)
Moderator: Xin Cindy Zhang (Eli Lilly)

The past decade has seen dramatic growth in digital and other innovative health technologies. These technologies, which include wearables, electronically-enhanced packaging, and alternative blood-sampling techniques, can radically change the design and conduct of clinical trials. By enabling access to data outside the traditional clinical setting, these technologies provide opportunities to increase patient centricity. These approaches may increase access to clinical trials for patients in remote or underdeveloped areas. Such emerging technologies could enhance enrollment, adherence, and data accuracy in clinical trials. More robust endpoint data will enable better exposure-response analyses that ultimately play a major role in drug development decisions. Patient-centric blood collection, such as in-home sampling with specialized collection devices that are painless and less intrusive, is critical to conducting the patient-centric trial. Patient-centric sampling can provide benefits for both clinical trial participants and sponsors by decreasing blood volume in vulnerable populations, improving clinical trial access, reducing the burden on participants, minimizing clinical site visits and associated travel, better-understanding adherence in efficacy trials, and expanding PK and PD data collection in late phase trials. Numerous case studies highlight the opportunities patient-centric sampling can provide to improve datasets, enhance patient access, and improve the patient experience. 

1. Describe the value proposition for patient-centric sampling
2. Provide industry examples that highlight the value that alternative sampling can provide
3. Discuss novel sampling devices and implementation practices

View webinar slides.