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DDI Induction Working Group Invites CRO Scientists to Join

DDI Induction Working Group Invites CRO Scientists to Join

May 22, 2015

The IQ Consortium’s Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Induction Working Group was formed to advance the understanding of the regulatory approaches to induction-based DDIs set forth in recent guidances from the EMA, FDA and PMDA, and to seek a data-driven alignment in the global regulatory and scientific communities regarding requirements for assessing induction-based DDIs.

The current Working Group consists solely of scientists from the IQ member companies but we recognize the significant experience and wealth of hepatocyte induction data that have been generated by CROs.  As such, we would like to invite scientists from CROs involved in conducting human hepatocyte induction studies to apply to become members of the Working Group.  Only three external participants are being sought.  Scientists with more than 5-10 years of experience in conducting/overseeing human hepatocyte induction studies and with a publication track record related to induction will be preferred.

As part of the Working Group you will be asked to provide your scientific insight and share data, as appropriate, with other members of the team.  This information will be used to publish a white paper(s) on the various discussion points.  This is a non-paid volunteer position subject to the IQ participation agreement.  This membership will terminate when the Working Group has completed its task and/or is sunset by its Leadership Group.

Interested applicants may email their resume and a statement of interest  to by June 15, 2015.