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IQ Pediatric Working Group (PWG) Open Call for Experts

IQ Pediatric Working Group (PWG) Open Call for Experts

February 12, 2020

IQ Pediatric Working Group (DPLG)
Co-chairs: Matt Santangelo (Pfizer) and Mei Khong (Abbvie)


The IQ Pediatric Working Group (PWG) is a group within the Drug Product Leadership Group (DPLG). With the increased global focus on development of pediatric formulations, this working group’s mission is:

  1. Become a catalyst for advancing science and technology related to pediatric formulation development.
  2. Collaboratively advance pediatric formulation development and regulatory harmonization globally.
  3.  Share best practices and standardization, publish and consider new mechanisms for collaboration. 
  4. Build holistic understanding of patient, caregiver, and regulatory needs and challenges.

To this end, the IQ PWG has sought membership from those with vast experience in the development of pediatric formulations. While the goals/objectives of the PWG may be achieved, in large part, by member-based IQ companies, there is added value in recruitment from outside of member companies to increase the depth and reach of this group.

In 2019, the IQ PWG hosted a joint pediatric workshop in collaboration with Maryland Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (M-CERSI). This pediatric workshop contained elements of formulation, analytical, clinical and regulatory, demonstrating the importance of the balance of all these groups to successfully deliver pediatric medicines to patients in need globally. The workshop was well attended with over 120 registrants amongst industry, academia, government/regulatory, non-profit organizations and consultants. While attendance was diverse, one of the outcomes was that the team needs to continue to build ties within EU through connection with EuPFI and engagement of EMA.   

Specifically, the IQ PWG would like to request “Letters of Interest” from diversified candidates that meet the qualifications outlined.

Click here to reply by 28 February 2020.