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IQ Webinar Program 2020

IQ Webinar Program 2020

July 1, 2020




19-Mar Best practice in Clinical Drug-Drug Interaction Study Design for Itraconazole: A PBPK Modeling and Simulation Approach ON DEMAND
28-May Pediatric Dosage Forms “Out in the Wild”- What Really Happens in Clinical Practice ON DEMAND
23-Jun Knock! Knock! It’s FDA! GLP Inspections ON DEMAND
25-Jun A Scientific and Risk Based Approach to Pediatric Formulations ON DEMAND
8-Jul Patient Centric Sampling: Opportunities for Innovation in Clinical Trial Design ON DEMAND
9-Jul Recent Advances in Co-processed APIs & Proposals for Enabling Commercialization of These Transformative Technologies ON DEMAND
15-Sep IQ Consortium Antitrust Compliance IQ ONLY
17-Sep IQ Consortium Antitrust Compliance IQ ONLY
17-Sep Regulatory Considerations for Pediatric Formulations PUBLIC
5-Oct Challenges and Approaches for Dissolution of formulations containing Amorphous Solid Dispersions IQ ONLY
15-Oct Approaches for Sensory Evaluation of Medicine Palatability PUBLIC
5-Nov Formulating Poorly Soluble Drugs for Pediatrics PUBLIC
13-Nov Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies for Viral Based Gene Therapies IQ ONLY
19-Nov Bioanalytical Considerations for Adeno Associated Virus Based Gene Therapies IQ ONLY