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IQ 3Rs / NJABR Webinar Series

IQ 3Rs / NJABR Webinar Series



The IQ 3Rs Leadership Group is partnering with the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research (NJABR) and the North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC) to offer a 2018 – 2019 3Rs Webinar Series.

Presenters: Donna Clemons (AbbVie) and Patricia Turner (Charles Rivers Laboratories) 

For many IQ Consortium member companies, study outsourcing comprises a major portion of their total animal research program.  Discussions of responsible animal use and the 3Rs are not complete without reviewing offsite research activity, and considering how to further improve animal use conducted with external facilities.

The 3Rs Leadership Group has focused a working group to examine various areas where interactions between sponsor and contract laboratory impact animal use.  Their goal is to develop mutually beneficial modifications to those interactions which result in replacement, reduction, and refinement opportunities.  This webinar focuses on a training program developed to increase the baseline knowledge of individuals contributing to the outsource relationship, but who are not primarily scientists or vivarium workers.  

We will discuss how the training was developed and implemented, as well as reviewing the content of the training program itself.  The program is intended for internal use by individual companies and institutions, and seeks to provide basic information supporting cost/benefit analysis and more informed decisions.

The presentation will be held during the first 60 minutes of the webinar. During the remaining 30 minutes, a moderator will guide a roundtable discussion on the presentation with attendees.