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IQ Annual Report 2020

Learn about IQ's journey through 2020 in our latest annual report.

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IQ's Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Read IQ's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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IQ's First Decade

Read testimonials from current and past IQ members on the new series, Reflections from IQ Leaders.

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IQ Microphyiological Systems Affiliate

The IQ MPS Affiliate issues RFI on "Gastrointestinal Microphysiological System Testing for Specific Contexts of Use in Drug Development."

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IQ DILI Affiliate

Find out about the IQ DILI affiliate's latest publication in AP&T for adults with cholestatic liver disease.

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Join IQ

Learn more about how you and your company can become involved.

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What is IQ?

We are a not-for-profit organization of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with the mission of advancing science and technology to augment the capability of member companies to develop transformational solutions that benefit patients, regulators and the broader R&D community.


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