Join IQ

IQ membership provides companies with access to a sustained forum for the exchange of ideas within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Members lead and participate in collaborative research, industry surveys and benchmarking exercises, as well as ongoing external collaborations with governmental bodies, other trade groups, and academic researchers. Consortium publications, scientific conferences, workshops and roundtables increase members’ presence in these communities.

Any corporation and/or any subsidiary thereof, which is significantly engaged in the development of new chemical entities or new molecular entities for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of disease is eligible for membership in the IQ Consortium. For purposes of this provision, “significantly engaged” shall mean that a company is currently sponsoring at least one active Clinical Trial Application for a new chemical entity or new molecular entity.

To find out how your company can join the Consortium or, if you work at a company that is already a member and are interested in learning more about participation, please contact us!