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IQ Webinar: Innovative Green Chemistry – The Key to a Sustainable Future

IQ Webinar: Innovative Green Chemistry – The Key to a Sustainable Future

April 6, 2018


Presented by the API Leadership Group's Green Chemistry Working Group
Presenters: Dr. Austin G. Smith, Amgen, and Dr. John M. Wasylyk, BMS

April 6, 2018 – 11 AM EST

Sustainability is an emerging trend within the global economy and can be considered a ‘key driver for innovation’. The environmentally responsible manufacture of pharmaceutical products is currently in focus and green chemistry can make an enormous impact to a company’s triple bottom line, as it is more cost-effective, safer for employees, and better for the environment. Metrics play a critical role in establishing a baseline understanding of chemical processes and allow for the opportunity to measure innovative process improvements throughout a product’s development lifecycle. A key challenge in pharmaceutical green chemistry however, is identifying the most effective metric to measure and monitor ‘greenness.’ This webinar gives an introduction to the twelve principles of innovative green chemistry, highlights the history and origins of green chemistry metrics, and discusses the barriers and limitations. A wide range of methodologies will be presented, alongside key definitions and selected industrial examples where a green and sustainable chemistry approach has been successfully adopted and reflected in a smaller environmental impact and cost savings.

Click here for the webinar recording.