Green Aspiration Level

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Inspiring Sustainable Drug Manufacturing

The Green Aspiration Level (GAL)1,2

The GAL represents the first substantial green efficiency goal for any manufacturing process to a given Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).  It has the distinct advantage over other traditional waste metrics of defining the expected environmental impact for producing any pharmaceutical agent by considering the complexity of its ideal synthesis route.  By establishing this quantifiable descriptor, process greenness becomes measurable, and as such delivers manageable and credible green chemistry process goals.  

How to use GAL – It’s Easy!

Green Scorecard Calculator

The Green Scorecard was developed by the IQ Green Chemistry Working Group to communicate the value-added impact of green chemistry improvements in a simple and effective way.  Thus, it shows waste reduction in conjunction with process improvements, along with current status of process greenness vial traffic light gauge.

To find out your score, download the calculator here.

To use the calculator, simply input project name and phase, complexity, sEF, and cEF for one or more completed campaign (input fields highlighted in light green color).  You will obtain the calculated RPG and rating.  Relative Process Improvement (RPI), Relative Complexity Improvement (RCI), and (overall) Process Improvement (PI) are automatically calculated if two or more campaigns are inputted, one of which for an early development project for consistency.  Feel free to include the Green Scorecard graphic in project presentations to highlight your team’s green process accomplishments.

RPG Rating Matrix for RPG in Pharmaceutical API Manufacturing

Key premises of GAL Analysis




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