This project has been archived.

Microsampling Working Group

The Microsampling Working Group is committed to providing a scientific forum for the advancement of both wet and dry microsampling techniques within the pharmaceutical industry. While still in its infancy, the most advanced microsampling technique is the use of Dried Blood Spots (DBS). Primary objectives of this Working Group are to provide specific recommendations for best practices and application of DBS and advocate for advancement of innovative wet microsampling technologies.

Specific recommendations to be made by this Working Group include approaches for dual-sampling study designs to demonstrate concordance between wet and dry data and study requirements for bridging studies (between plasma and blood, as well as venous vs. peripheral sampling). These specific recommendations will be shared with regulatory authorities, and the subject of upcoming publications. Working closely with the EBF DBS working group, these workstreams will establish the basis for adoption of microsampling technology and guide strategy within the pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, this working group is working with developers and suppliers of materials for microsampling analysis to encourage development of next generation technologies that further enable microsampling of wet and dry matrices.