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2011 IQ Symposium: “The Pursuit of Innovation in Pharmaceutical Development”

2011 IQ Symposium: “The Pursuit of Innovation in Pharmaceutical Development”

November 30, 2011


Location: Cambridge, MA

Venue: Cambridge Marriott

The IQ Consortium held its first annual symposium, “The Pursuit of Innovation in Pharmaceutical Development” on November 30, 2011 in Cambridge, MA. The Symposium was attended by almost 200 participants from 28 IQ member companies and other industry associations, and featured an exceptional faculty of speakers, moderators and panelists from within and outside of the pharmaceutical industry. Through a combination of podium presentations, panel discussions and poster sessions, participants reviewed and discussed examples of innovation efforts made by IQ member companies and IQ Working Groups, challenges which IQ is uniquely positioned to address, and how experiences and lessons from other industries can illuminate these efforts.

Following opening remarks from the chairman of IQ where Dr. Tougas presented the formation history, mission, objectives and activities of the IQ Consortium, and Bink Garrison led attendees through an exercise in identifying needs required for innovation and ways to lead organically. Dr. Richard Williams introduced innovations in green chemistry, and Dr. Patricia Hurter tackled innovation at the vertices of traditional boundaries. Rounding out the day’s speakers were presentations on innovation in early stage development by Dr. Steve King, and innovation in biologics manufacturing by Dr. Jorg Thommes. Finally Drs. Williams, Hurter, King and Thommes joined Dr. Pierre Boulas in a panel discussion to delve deeper into the inroads and roadblocks to innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

The IQ 2011 Symposium inspired much creative thinking among participants, making participants eager to implement the concepts they learned at the Symposium to foster innovation in their departments, organizations and lives.

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