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2017-2019 IQ Consortium Drug Product Pediatric Working Group Public Webinar Series

2017-2019 IQ Consortium Drug Product Pediatric Working Group Public Webinar Series



The IQ Consortium’s Drug Product Pediatric Working Group would like to present to you a webinar series designed to advance pediatric formulation development through sharing of experiences, non-proprietary information and scientific excellence. This webinar series also serves as an online platform to promote pre-competitive interaction and collaboration among industry-peers.  We encourage you to share this with interested colleagues and remember, this is a public series - you do not need to be an IQ member to register for this webinar.  To access previous webinars in this series see the table below.


[14 September] John Morris, Abbvie -- Development of Ritonavir Pediatric Formulations -- ON DEMAND

[5 October] Karen Thompson, Merck -- Extemporaneous Formulations in Pediatric Drug Development -- ON DEMAND

[2 November] Matthew Santangelo, Pfizer -- Immediate Release Reverse Enteric Coated Melt-Spray-Congeal Microspheres as a Pediatric Platform -- ON DEMAND



[1 March] Eleni Dokou, Vertex -- CMC Considerations for Pediatric Drug Development -- ON DEMAND

[5 April] David Clapham and Smita Salunke, EuPFI -- What is the EuPFI and What Can We Do for You? -- ON DEMAND

[3 May]Matthew Thomas, Eli Lilly -- Container Closure and Device Systems for Pediatric Combination Products -- SLIDE DECK (Webinar not recorded)

[4 October] Sebastian Haertter, Boehringer Ingelheim -- Relevance of PK (PK/PD) in Pediatric Drug Development -- ON DEMAND



[7 March] Biplob Mitra, Celgene -- Feasibility of Miniaturized Tablets as a Flexible Solid Dosage Form -- ON DEMAND

[2 May ] Alexander Bachmanov, GSK -- Neuroscience of medicine palatability -- ON DEMAND

[20 November] Daniel Schaufelberger, Schaufelberger Consulting -- Challenges in developing age-appropriate formulations for Neglected Tropical Diseases -- REGISTER HERE



[5 March] Yogesh Patil, Amgen -- Development of pediatric formulations: Consider Formulation and Regulatory Pitfalls -- REGISTER HERE

[Q1/Q2]Stuart Charlton, BMS -- A Scientific and Risk Based Approach to Pediatric Formulations -- Registration link coming soon!