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2018 IQ Consortium Drug Product Pediatric Working Group Public Webinar Series

2018 IQ Consortium Drug Product Pediatric Working Group Public Webinar Series



The IQ Consortium’s Drug Product Pediatric Working Group would like to present to you a webinar series designed to advance pediatric formulation development through sharing of experiences, non-proprietary information and scientific excellence. This webinar series also serves as an online platform to promote pre-competitive interaction and collaboration among industry-peers.  We encourage you to share this with interested colleagues and remember, this is a public series - you do not need to be an IQ member to register for this webinar.  To access previous webinars in this series, click the link next to "WEBINAR ON DEMAND". 


John Morris, Abbvie, 14 September 2017 -- Development of Ritonavir Pediatric Formulations - WEBINAR ON DEMAND

Karen Thompson, Merck, 05 October 2017 -- Extemporaneous Formulations in Pediatric Drug Development - WEBINAR ON DEMAND

Matthew Santangelo, Pfizer, 02 November 2017 -- Immediate Release Reverse Enteric Coated Melt-Spray-Congeal Microspheres as a Pediatric Platform - WEBINAR ON DEMAND2018

Eleni Dokou, Vertex, 01 March 2018 -- CMC Considerations for Pediatric Drug DevelopmentWEBINAR ON DEMAND

David Clapham and Smita Salunke, EuPFI, 05 April 2018 -- What is the EuPFI and What Can We Do for You?- WEBINAR ON DEMAND

Matthew Thomas, Eli Lilly, 03 May 2018 -- Container Closure and Device Systems for Pediatric Combination Products SLIDE DECK (Webinar not recorded)

Sebastian Haertter, Boehringer Ingelheim    04 October 2018    Relevance of PK (PK/PD) in Pediatric Drug Development

Stuart Charlton, BMS    01 November 2018    A Scientific and Risk Based Approach to Pediatric Formulations

Yogesh Patil, Amgen    07 February 2019   Development of pediatric formulations: Consider Formulation and Regulatory Pitfalls

Biplob Mitra, Celgene 07 March 2019 Feasibility of Minaturized Tablets as a Flexible Solid Dosage Form

Daniel Schaufelberger 04 April 2019  Challenges in developing age-appropriate formulations for Neglected Tropical Diseases