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2019 CMC Summit and Associated Meetings

2019 CMC Summit and Associated Meetings

June 11, 2019 - June 13, 2019


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Each year, the IQ Consortium's CMC-focused Leadership and Working Group members are invited to attend a one-day CMC Summit. The 2019 IQ CMC Summit will highlight accomplishments within both IQ CMC Leadership and Working Groups, will provide updates on current Consortium CMC initiatives as well as a stage upon which selected CMC topics can be discussed for potential cross-functional interest.

The June 12 CMC Summit is preceded by a day for individual meetings of 6 IQ Leadership Groups: API, Analytical/Statistics (joint meeting), Biologics CMC, Drug Product, and Quality.
The IQ Board of Directors will meet for a day and a half following the Summit.  
IQ CMC Working Groups may meet in conjunction with the Summit. Please contact the IQ Secretariat ( for additional information.