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The Allotrope Framework

The Allotrope Framework

May 9, 2014


The Allotrope Framework: an innovative approach to improve data integrity, reduce waste and realize the full value of your data

Friday 9 May 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET (to include presentation and Q & A session)

Dana Vanderwall
Wolfgang Colsman
Gordon Hansen
Janet Cheetham


The management of analytical data in most pharmaceutical companies is far from simple and efficient.  Ask yourself the following: 

Being able to answer "Yes" to these questions is motivating industry leading pharmaceutical companies to join Allotrope Foundation and be part of the solution to fundamentally address the complexity, limits and gaps in data management by getting to the root of the problem.

This webinar describes our development of a commercial-quality Framework in partnership with a professional software company, with funding and support from Allotrope Foundation, an international association of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The Framework is supplemented with limited feature, proof-of-concept software to demonstrate how future commercial software solutions could use the Framework to acquire, record, search for, and automatically archive analytical data.  The Framework is comprised of three key components:

  1. common, non-proprietary file format that stores laboratory data in a human-readable format
  2. metadata repository that ensures accurate, complete, and consistent experimental context is stored with raw data, creating and archive-ready file format
  3. class libraries (software tools) that instrument and software providers can use to create new, innovative solutions that embed the common information standards into their software.  

We will also discuss how we are evolving iterative solutions using agile development to achieve this vision and to help create an open "ecosystem" for new, innovative software for laboratory informatics.   This approach also allows us to deliver new capabilities or test hypotheses and standards weekly.

Join us for this webinar and see how Allotrope Foundation is unlike any other industry consortium, or ‘data standards’ initiative before, and how the real and tangible Allotrope Framework will transform your laboratory, improve data integrity, reduce wasteful manual data manipulation, and allow you to realize the full value of your data. 

Key Learnings:

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