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From Data to Decisions: IQ Session at IFPAC

January 26, 2016


Location: IFPAC 2016

For the fifth year, IQ is sponsoring a session at IFPAC 2016.

Session Description

By employing sensors and harnessing the data they provide, one can effectively take control of a chemical, biological or drug product process.  As sensor technology improves and as their costs decline multiple sensors are becoming the norm.  When this data rich environment is combined with the correct analysis tools complexity and uncertainty of a process can be reduced.  The industry is embracing more precise controls and is becoming more adept at making decisions about a process that leads to a reduced cost, increase yields and a more robust, stable process.  We would like to share examples where decisions were made based on analytics and demonstrate the outcome.

The program includes the following:

Robust Optimization, Simulation, Scale Up and Effective Use of Design Space (60)
    Thomas A. Little, Thomas A. Little Consulting

Fit-For-Purpose PAT-Based Control for Lab Scale Flow Chemistry (74)
    Jeffrey Nye, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Leveraging Online Chromatography for Process Development and Enabling Manufacturing Control (69)
    Todd Maloney, Eli Lilly and Company

Strategies for Merging Continuous and In-Process Control (IPC) Data in Multivariate Process Models aimed at Monitoring and Prediction Applications for Increased Process Understanding and Control (50)
    Anna Persson, MKS Umetrics

BREAK – Exhibits/Posters

Use of PAT to confirm a PAT-Lite Control Strategy for Continuous Manufacture of Solid Oral Drug Products (191)
    Zhenqi Shi, Eli Lilly and Company

PAT for Wet Granulation: Integrated Application of Mechanistic Understanding, In silico Modeling (DEM & PBM), and PAT Tools (FBRM & DFF/FT4) to inform Control Strategy and Construct In silico Design Space (63)
    Ajit Narang, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co.

Panel Discussion, All Speakers