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IQ Webinar Series: Allotrope Webinar

IQ Webinar Series: Allotrope Webinar

February 26, 2016


Allotrope Foundation is building a framework (a software toolkit) to embed a set of federated, public, non-proprietary standards for analytical data in software utilized throughout the entire analytical data lifecycle, and serves as a basis for providing controlled vocabularies and taxonomies for a variety of pharmaceutical and biotech R&D applications. This framework provides extended capabilities to build in business rules and other analytics on top of the standardized vocabularies allowing companies enhanced abilities to classify and manage their data.

We will briefly describe some of the current data integration and management challenges facing the industry, e.g., utilization of legacy data warehouses, the creation of new data lakes, integration of existing semantic models, cloud-scale applications and how the Allotrope Framework provides a semantic basis for improved metadata and master data management through the use of modularized semantic models that capture the most pertinent entities, attributes and relationships needed to capture the plethora of laboratory data. We will provide an update on the rapid progress of development and the release of the Allotrope Framework 1.0, including: the Allotrope Data Format (for data and semantically-described metadata), Allotrope Taxonomies, and the first release of APIs (application programming interfaces), and how Allotrope Member companies have begun to integrate these into their internal environments, including a live demonstration of one such project.  Lastly, we will present the latest information on the new Allotrope Foundation business model which is currently under development by Allotrope in consultation with vendors in Allotrope Partner Network Members.  The business model presentation will describe future licensing and membership benefits along with information on how to join Allotrope and contribute to this effort.

About Allotrope Foundation:  Allotrope Foundation is an international consortium of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies with a common vision to develop innovative new standards and technology for handling data in R&D, with an initial focus on analytical chemistry.  The Allotrope Framework is comprised of the Allotrope Data Format (ADF), taxonomies to provide a controlled vocabulary for metadata and a software toolkit.  The ADF) is a vendor agnostic format that stores datasets of unlimited size in a single file, organized as n-dimensional arrays in a data cube, and stores metadata describing the context of the equipment, process, materials, and results.  The Framework enables cross-platform data transfer, data sharing, and vastly increases the ease of its use. This effort is fully funded by the members of Allotrope Foundation and is rapidly progressing on our common goals to reduce wasted effort, improve data integrity and allow us to realize the full value of our analytical data.