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Preclinical Approaches to Suicidal Behavior Webinar

Preclinical Approaches to Suicidal Behavior Webinar

January 25, 2013


This webinar will be presented by the Preclinical Suicidality Working Group.

The possibility of treatment-emergent suicidal behavior in clinical trials has been receiving increasing FDA attention, and with publication of the recent guidance document1 the at-risk populations and methods of screening patients have been delineated to a certain extent. While clinically, instruments such as the Columbia Suicide Severity Scale are being employed, it relies on honest feedback from patients who are highly motivated to remain in clinical trials. It would be useful for preclinical teams to better understand the factors which may increase the risk of a new chemical entity to evoke suicidal behavior in vulnerable patient populations. The purpose of the present working group is to assess the feasibility of such an approach.