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IQ/AAPS Webinar: Blinding in Early Clinical Development Trials

IQ/AAPS Webinar: Blinding in Early Clinical Development Trials

February 25, 2021


Presented in collaboration between The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) and the IQ Consortium, this FREE, LIVE webinar will share the results and insights of an IQ working group that surveyed multiple biopharmaceutical companies in early 2020 to gain information about design options commonly used in early clinical development trials with respect to level of blinding.

The results that will be presented in this webinar reveal divergence between companies in the approaches most commonly applied, but with some clearly favored options in terms of blinding investigator and sponsor functions depending on study type: SAD/MAD; Proof of Pharmacology Principle (PoPP) vs. Proof of Clinical Concept (PoCC) vs. Dose finding. Based on these results the working group developed some strategic considerations for blinding options in first-in-man healthy volunteer trials and non-pivotal, explorative trials in patients.