NHP Reuse Working Group

Problem Statement

There are both ethical and economic reasons to both reduce and reuse non-human primates (NHPs) in research. There is also a need to understand the scientific and regulatory limitations/implications of reuse of non-protein naïve NHPs. To date, there has been no guidance or consensus on strategy for reuse of non-protein naive NHPs.

Mission and Objectives

Review the topic and deliver current industry thoughts, practice and future perspective (e.g. benchmarking) that will identify opportunities and strategies for the reuse of non-protein naïve NHPs in research.

One objective is to publish a position paper that

  1. Describes the ethical and economic drivers (and scientific and regulatory limitations) to establishing strategies for both reuse and reduction of NHPs
  2. Describes common and innovative strategies in the industry for reuse (and reduction) of non-protein naïve NHPs, including examples and guidelines were appropriate
  3. Prospective strategies for reuse, reduction and/or replacement of NHP use (limitation of current technologies and perspective on the future).
Forecast deliverables

Publication on reuse of non-protein naïve NHPs in research.


Updated September 2021