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3Rs Pinworms Working Group

Problem Statement

Outsourcing of studies at contract research or academic sites where pinworm is endemic presents difficulty in sufficiently understanding the potential for confounding of research results.  Retrospective analysis of health surveillance data from multiple service providers revealed that pinworm may have been present and un or underreported to sponsoring companies for a long time. Eradication of pinworm is difficult, and practices are not standardized, and collaborating service providers may struggle with methods of control and may not have a standard approach to health surveillance methods to inform contracting companies of the potential for the presence of pinworm that might impact studies.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the working group is to provide information and 'best practices' recommendations on the potential impact of pinworm to variable research outcomes, monitoring of studies, and recommendations for eradication methods.


Review of Impact Pinworm Presence in Toxicology Studies (2018)


Updated September 2021