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3Rs US NGO Outreach Working Group

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the US NGO Outreach WG is to establish strong working relationships with NGO’s who work in the on various aspects of animals in biomedical research.  Some are primarily informative for the American public; others are geared to legislative issues and education of the broader scientific community on topics of interest.  All have as their goal to have active engagement with their constituent groups.  The WG will interact with NGOs to look for ways to expand and avoid duplication with the IQ 3Rs LG.  

Approximately 50 US NGOs were identified.  In 2013 and 2014 priorities were set to work with the following US NGOs; these include state specific association for biomedical research, the Institute of Laboratory Animal Research (part of the NAS), Association for the Assessment and Accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, States United for Biomedical Research, Americans for Medical Progress and Foundation for Biomedical Research.  

The goal was to interact with each of the above NGO’s and determine if there were ongoing or planned 3Rs programs/initiatives that could be further enhanced with support from our IQ 3Rs LG and member companies.   To learn from existing NGOs about their past successes in influencing critical stakeholders, and to decide on areas where our WG could work with present NGOs to create new 3Rs initiatives such as symposia, positions or requests for scientific proposals for identified gaps in 3Rs science.  Outcomes to date implementation of a new IQ/AAALAC award for the 3Rs, seminars and webinars on the 3Rs that are held jointly with NJABR, MSMR, PSBR and others.  In 2013 a joint meeting of the FDA, IQ and CAAT was held and in 2014 we have worked with ILAR on both the transportation roundtable and the roundtable on reproducibility.  A number of NGOs had authors for the March 2015 special issue on the 3Rs to be published by the Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.


Establishment of IQ – AAALAC Global 3Rs Award


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