Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How can my company join IQ?
Any corporation and/or any subsidiary thereof, which is significantly engaged in the development of new chemical entities or new molecular entities for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of disease is eligible for membership in the IQ Consortium. For purposes of this provision, “significantly engaged” means that a company is currently sponsoring at least one active Clinical Trial Application for a new chemical entity or new molecular entity. To find out how your company can join the Consortium, please email us at

My company is a member of IQ and I would like to get involved. Who should I contact?
If you work at a company that is already a member and are interested in learning more about participation, please email us at


What are Leadership Groups and Working Groups?
Leadership Groups are standing, discipline-specific forums that allow experts in major areas of pharmaceutical science to discuss and craft strategies to address key challenges. They liaise regularly with the Board of Directors and form and oversee project-specific working groups. Leadership Groups are also responsible for encouraging collaboration within the organization, particularly across disciplines.

Working Groups are project-based expert groups which are formed to address specific, critical, and timely issues in drug development such as drug-drug interactions, pediatric drug development, contract manufacturing and phase-appropriate good manufacturing practices, among others. They are sponsored and overseen by Leadership Groups, with membership determined by the needs of a project. Working Groups are dissolved upon completion of their projects.

Participation in the Board of Directors and Leadership Groups is limited to individuals from IQ member companies. However, experts from outside IQ member companies, such as academic researchers and regulatory authorities, are periodically invited to participate in Working Groups.

What does the IQ Communication Committee do?
The IQ Consortium recognizes that to be effective in advancing science and regulation, IQ must share its work – including survey results, white papers, conference proceedings, and other materials - with the broader scientific and regulatory communities. The mission of the IQCC is to promote and progress, through timely and effective communication, the IQ Consortium’s efforts to advance science and scientifically-driven standards and regulations for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products worldwide.

What does the IQ Board of Directors do?
The IQ Board of Directors is responsible for strategic oversight of the Consortium’s portfolio. The Board has two representatives from each member company, and is the Consortium's primary decision-making body. Acting on the recommendations of Consortium committees and of its own initiative, it establishes objectives, policies and plans of action. Whenever possible, the Board operates on a consensus basis. The Consortium’s Planning Committee and Communications Committee, subgroups of Board members, provide guidance on Consortium matters between Board sessions.

Where can I find...?

What information and resources are available on the website?
The IQ website contains a great deal of information about IQ’s initiatives and activities, and has a range of functionality.

How can I search for a publication?
For a full record of IQ publications, view the “Publications & Comments” section. Using the search tools on the left-hand side of the page you can search by keyword or filter your search by category, date, or group.

How do I join the LinkedIn group?
Membership to the LinkedIn group is only open to past and current participants of the IQ Consortium. When you are logged into LinkedIn, search for “IQ Consortium” under “Groups”. Click “request to join”. After your membership has been approved, you will be a full member of the group. Alternatively, you may also send an email to including the email under which your LinkedIn account is registered so we may send you an invitation to join. Click here to go directly to the IQ LinkedIn Group. 

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please contact the IQ Secretariat at