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Allotrope Framework Released for Commercial Use

Allotrope Framework Released for Commercial Use

July 24, 2017

Nearly five years after being spun-off from the IQ Consortium, the Allotrope Foundation recently achieved a major milestone with the first commercial release of the Allotrope Data Format and application programming interface.  More details may be found in this press release:

Pierre Boulas, chair of the IQ Board of Directors, commented on this accomplishment:

“I have had the privilege to follow the Allotrope Foundation from its very first steps as an idea to what has now become a very effective organization. The release of the first phase of the Allotrope Framework for commercial use is an outstanding achievement of what looked like an audacious goal just a few years ago. Beyond the technical achievement, the collaborative effort must be applauded. Such effort demonstrates the possibilities that arise from cross-industry collaboration which is at the heart of the Allotrope mission as it is at the heart of the IQ Consortium mission. The Allotrope Framework not only provides a “real world” solution to a common challenge in the scientific data landscape, it enables broader innovation and is likely to positively challenge the way we work. On behalf of the IQ community, I extend congratulations to the Allotrope community of innovators and its leaders for such an accomplishment.”

Also noted in their press release was the recognition by Bio-IT World with their 2017 Best Practice Award for Knowledge Management for the Allotrope Framework.  This was awarded at this year’s Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston.