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Call for Proposals: 2014 IQ Symposium Working Group Presentations

Call for Proposals: 2014 IQ Symposium Working Group Presentations

March 20, 2014

The Symposium Organizing Committee is developing this October’s 2014 IQ Symposium program. The symposium will focus on IQ working group activities and as such, we are now soliciting proposals for these working group presentations. The presentations will be a mixture of short (15 minutes) and long (30 min) presentations which will cover the achievements and results of the working group’s research.

Fundamental proposal components include a title, a short background description (1-2 paragraphs), IQ LGs involved, and key accomplishments of the project.  A compelling Working Group proposal must present completed significant milestones, be of general interest to the wider IQ community, and demonstrate the potential for significant impact. 

We are encouraging WG & LG chairs to take advantage of this opportunity to exhibit the success of your Working Group by presenting to and gathering feedback from other IQ members. 

Please submit your proposal(s) to by Friday, April 11 . If you have any questions regarding these proposals or the evaluation process please contact Maggie Liu at