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Recipients of First Quarterly IQ Member Recognition Award Announced!

Recipients of First Quarterly IQ Member Recognition Award Announced!

June 13, 2014

On behalf of the IQ Consortium Board of Directors, we proudly present Drs. Dale Martin and Margaret Faul with IQ’s first quarterly IQ Member Recognition Award, due to their recent contributions and achievements. This award attests to his commitment, dedication, and efforts to improve the IQ Consortium and the scientific community.

Dale Martin was nominated by Joachim Coenen, the current co-chair of the 3R’s LG, for his work on the 3Rs Leadership Group. He spoke the following of Dale’s contribution:

"As the Scientific Chair of the IQ/NJABR 2014 3Rs Sharing Conference  “Paving a Path to Regulatory Acceptance of Alternative Methods” held in New Jersey on February27th, 2014, Dale  provided leadership representing the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development (IQ). The IQ consortium partnered with the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research for the 3rd Annual 3Rs Sharing Conference entitled “Paving the Path to Regulatory Acceptance of Alternative Measures”.  Dr. Karl Field, Chairman of the Board for NJABR (and 3Rs LG IQ member), deemed the 3rd, 3Rs Sharing Conference a huge success. Dale Martin, has been instrumental for this huge success and through his efforts ensured that the IQ 3Rs LG is becoming recognized as the “honest broker” in the 3Rs space."

Margaret Faul was nominated by Nick Thompson, the current chair of the API LG, for her leadership and efforts in the API Starting Materials Working Group. He spoke the following of Margaret’s contribution:

“Margaret has provided outstanding leadership, energy and commitment to the API LG and its associated working groups.  During her tenure as API LG Chair she kept the meetings lively, focused and ensured impactful outcome.  She has an excellent ability to engage others and pull out their potential. In addition to her activities on the API LG and BOD, she also found time to be highly active in working groups, for example her leadership of the Starting Material Working Group.  Out of all the API LG members, I believe Margaret has had the greatest impact.”

Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments!  We look forward to their continued success in the IQ Consortium.

If you would like to nominate a member of your leadership or working for a future quarterly award, please click here:

These awards are open to all IQ participants. Nominees are evaluated on dedication, commitment, improvement, or valuable contribution in the past quarter.