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IQ and Osthus Announce Launch of IQ Database Framework

IQ and Osthus Announce Launch of IQ Database Framework

February 5, 2016

IQ and Osthus have announced the launch of the IQ Database Framework, established to accelerate data sharing activities that support the Consortium’s mission.

The IQ Database Framework is founded on an agreement that governs data sharing within the consortium and comprises a technological solution to enable the data sharing. The benefits made available by the two components of the IQ Database Framework enable groups within IQ to more efficiently achieve their research goals.

The IQ Consortium worked with OSTHUS, a company selected through an RFP process, to develop and deliver this technological solution. The foundation for the IQ database collection is the OSTHUS scientific data framework. Major design points of the software are multitenancy support and blinding mechanisms which enable the user to only share the information in the databases which should be contributed. The current release also covers data curation, data integrity, analysis, and audit trails. The unique set of capabilities afforded by the OSTHUS scientific data framework perfectly enables the user to enforce the regulations and terms defined by the data sharing agreement.

Development of the OSTHUS scientific data framework continues in 2016 with the release of extensions and enhancements, with semantic data enrichment and data analytics modules scheduled to be added next.

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