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IQ Consortium Webinar Series from Analytical Leadership Group’s Dissolution Working Group

IQ Consortium Webinar Series from Analytical Leadership Group’s Dissolution Working Group

April 15, 2019

The IQ Consortium’s Dissolution Working Group would like to announce a series of webinars designed to advance dissolution technology and its applications to support patient centric drug product development, through sharing of experiences, non-proprietary information and scientific excellence. This webinar series also serves as an online platform to promote pre-competitive interaction and collaboration among industry-peers. 

The series begins on 7 June with "Predictive dissolution modeling - when and how?", presented by Nikolay Zaborenko, Eli Lilly and Company.

"Predictive Dissolution Modeling - When and How?" is based on a multi-company collaborative effort to put forward a general strategy for predictive in vitro dissolution model development. It is designed to provide a general road map for the use of predictive dissolution models for enhanced product understanding, robust control strategy, batch release testing, and flexibility for post-approval changes. The talk will showcase new and previously published examples of dissolution models used across the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the experimental burden of getting a drug product to approval. Industry case studies of current approaches used for modeling tablet dissolution will be presented, including predictive model use for product development within the space explored during formulation and process optimization, as well as dissolution models as surrogate tests in a regulatory filing. Please find the tentative schedule of webinars below.


Webinar presenters, dates, and titles are subject to change without notice.




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Nikolay Zaborenko, Eli Lilly and Company 7 June 2019 Predictive dissolution modeling - when and how?
Andreas Abend, Merck & Co., Inc./Carrie Coutant, Eli Lilly Aug 2019 Clinical Relevant Dissolution Specification*  
Dorys Diaz, Pfizer  Dec 2019 Dissolution Similarity*  
Andre Hermans, Merck & Co., Inc./Xi Shao, AbbVie Jan 2020 Dissolution Method Development for OSD*