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New Initiatives at the IQ CMC Summit

New Initiatives at the IQ CMC Summit

June 25, 2014

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, the IQ Consortium’s Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) Leadership Groups held its annual Summit in Philadelphia, PA.


The CMC summit addresses continuing and upcoming joint initiatives of the API, Analytical, Drug Product, GMP QA, and Statistics Leadership and Working Groups. “This is an event where scientists from pharmaceutical companies meet to identify and discuss challenges and opportunities in drug discovery and development.  One of the key objectives of this meeting is to list and prioritize topics of shared interest and importance.  For example, we prioritized and are now taking action on having a CMC meeting with the FDA to discuss the new guidance on co-crystals and other CMC topics of mutual interest.  I believe that the CMC summit played a critical role in facilitating progress on this important and potentially high-impact initiative”, said John Orr, Eisai, Analytical LG Chair.


The CMC summit also provides a forum for discussing new and upcoming initiatives. Nick Thompson, Pfizer, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient LG Chair commented, “I was most pleased about the opportunity to trigger a new exploratory working group on small molecule components of biologics.  Pharmaceutical research and development is rapidly evolving to include an increasing array of targets and IQ is an excellent forum for precompetitive collaboration regarding the skills and development strategies we need to deliver future medicines.  I see our new exploratory working group as a great opportunity to learn together.”


The IQ CMC Summit is open to IQ Members. Upcoming IQ events include two Drug Metabolism webinars and the annual IQ Symposium. For more information about IQ, please click here.