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Recipients of Third Quarter IQ Member Recognition Award Announced!

Recipients of Third Quarter IQ Member Recognition Award Announced!

December 24, 2014

On behalf of the IQ Consortium Board of Directors, we proudly present the fourth quarter winners of the IQ Member Recognition award, Drs. Nick Thomson, John Orr, Letty Medina, and Scott Obach. This award attests to their commitment, dedication, and efforts to the IQ Consortium and the scientific community.


Nick Thomson and John Orr were nominated for their efforts at the 2014 IQ CMC Summit. The following was spoken of their contribution:

"Nick and John volunteered to be co-chair for the 2014 IQ CMC Summit.  They demonstrated outstanding leadership in preparation for and at the Summit.  They put in a lot of effort and energy in developing the Summit agenda, and made themselves readily available when anyone needed help or suggestions.  At the Summit, both Nick and John kept the meeting lively, engaging, and ensured impactful outcomes. “

Scott Obach was nominated for his role in the collaboration with NCATS. The following was spoken of his contribution:

"Scott Obach has played an important leadership role in establishing an exciting new collaboration between IQ and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).  Scott singlehandedly set up a joint effort to have NCATS ADME high throughput screening group run a wide range of test substrates through expressed cytochrome P-450 enzyme systems to determine intrinsic clearance values and then work with modelers from IQ member companies to use this data to establish more comprehensive database / model.  This should be a great resource for helping create better predictive models of metabolic stability and substrate specificity for CYPs.”


Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments! We look forward to their continued success in the IQ Consortium.

If you would like to nominate a member of your leadership or working for a future quarterly award, please click here:

These awards are open to all IQ participants. Nominees are evaluated on dedication, commitment, improvement, or valuable contribution in the past quarter.