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Training Resource: Animal Welfare and the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement)-  Sponsor and CRO

Training Resource: Animal Welfare and the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement)-  Sponsor and CRO

April 30, 2015

The CRO Outreach Working Group, an effort within the IQ Consortium 3Rs Leadership Group, has developed a brief training program on managing and understanding the animal welfare and research implications of study design/timeline changes. 

For many companies, study outsourcing is a large component of the total animal research program.  Responsible animal use and the 3Rs aren’t complete without reviewing offsite research activity, and considering how to further improve animal use conducted with external facilities.

This training was developed to address needs identified by IQ Consortium members and representatives of major Contract Research Organizations (CROs) who routinely outsource/conduct preclinical studies using animals.  Many individuals on both sides of the outsourcing relationship participate in study planning and placement, and while most are experienced in conducting animal studies, there remain a significant number of individuals with an incomplete understanding of the process.   It is important to recognize how decisions impact animal welfare and the quality of the research, and this training, intended for internal use by individual companies and institutions, seeks to provide basic information supporting cost/benefit considerations leading to more informed decisions.

This training is a free resource for any pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO, academic institution or other research organization that participates in inter-institutional research efforts requiring live animal use. For this program to be effective, it must be introduced to appropriate audiences.  Recommended audiences include account managers, business managers, contracts departments, study monitors and directors, sales teams, and others.  For additional discussion of the program and access to the materials please contact the Secretariat.