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2014 IQ Consortium Annual Symposium Report and Presentations

2014 IQ Consortium Annual Symposium Report and Presentations

October 17, 2014

Innovation Through Precompetitive Collaboration Symposium Report

The fourth annual IQ Consortium symposium, “Innovation through Precompetitive Collaboration”, was held October 9, 2014 in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Bill Chin of PhRMA presented the keynote address, followed by a number of working group presentations, summarized in the following pages. The day concluded with an engaging panel discussion and award ceremony.


Click on the links below to view the 2014 IQ Symposium Speaker Presentations given on October 9th, 2014.

Evolving Enabling Technologies across CMC
Srinivas Tummala, Bristol-Myers Squibb

WG1: Nonclinical to Clinical Translational Database
Tom Monticello, Amgen

A Strategy for Justification of API Starting Materials
Margaret Faul, Amgen

Evaluation of New Chemical Entities as Victims of Metabolic Drug Drug Interactions
Tonika Bohnert, Biogen Idec

Implementing a Modern Pharmaceutical Quality System (ICH Q10 WG)
Steve Laurenz, AbbVie

CPLG Pediatric Working Group 2014
Konstantina Vanevski, Bayer

Pediatric Formulation: Global Alignment and Science Advancement
Rob Ju, AbbVie

Global Regulators are Key Partners in the Effort to Refine and Reduce Animal Use in Pharmaceutical Development
Brian Berridge, GSK

Collaboration between Sponsors and CROs: Understanding the Impact of Timeline Pressure on the 3Rs
Donna Clemons, AbbVie